Client List/Testimonials

We have a long list of clients who have been very pleased with the outcome and high quality of our editing and proofreading services over the years. A selected list of clients and of some of the books and manuals we have edited and proofread are listed below.

Our client list is dynamic and their availability also varies. If potential clients require testimonials we will gladly refer them to appropriate clients who can vouch for our professionalism and the high quality of our work.



Abdalla LatifIllustrated guide to identification of African tick species

Brenda Hattingh (

  • New Success DNA: What you should know and how to activate it
  • New Leadership DNA: Developing enlightened leaders
  • Power Intelligence: Mastering your Miracle Mind
  • Seven steps to securing the ‘Madiba Magic’ in life and leadership

Dovetail Logistics SoftwareThe book on logistics software: The definitive guide for business executives (

Godfrey LebeyaUnderstanding organized crime (

Johnathan Andrews – Creating a photography portfolio (

Pamela Oberem, Nick Kriek and Lucia Lange (eds) – Veterinary helminthology for South Africa